How to choose a gynecologist

Gynecology deals with the health of the female reproductive system, which is very delicate and, like any other part of the body, requires detailed study and knowledge. The gynecologist analyzes many ailments, such as cancer, urine problems, menstruation problems, etc. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider when choosing your gynecologist.

Do you need a gynecologist who is also a practicing obstetrician?

o You must decide if you still want to have children or at least have the option of having them. When choosing your gynecologist, it is important that you choose someone with whom you will have a long-term relationship. If you are having children in the future, then it is best that you choose a gynecologist who is an obstetrician so that you can also monitor her during your pregnancy.


o Once you have decided this, it is best to start looking for an OB / GYN (OB / GYN) since not all medical history practice obstetrics.

o Another aspect that you could consider is whether or not this obstetric gynecology is practiced within a group of health professionals. Most women prefer this because they say their doctor is not available for whatever reason, so there are other doctors to monitor their case. Let’s say your OB / GYN is on vacation and your labor may be a problem. Many women prefer the care of a private gynecologist because of the personalized approach and care.


Do you want a male or female gynecologist?

o You must decide whether you want a male or female doctor. Most women are not comfortable with a male doctor, even if they have female escorts. It is very important that you feel comfortable during exams and the queries and concerns you face as a woman.


o Another important aspect is to consider any past sexual abuse or trauma. Women who have been sexually abused or assaulted may prefer a gynecologist over a male. There are rare cases, but some women are also mistreated by their mothers and may therefore prefer male gynecologists.

o Ask your friends and family for their comments and opinions on whether to opt for a man or a doctor. Do whatever is most comfortable for you after considering your opinions.


Health benefits and coverage:

o Check if your health insurance policy gives you better coverage if you visit a specialist. Most health insurance companies consider and prefer a specialist gynecologist. There are also many restrictions on the amount of coverage women can receive for visits to the gynecologist. There are even some restrictions, like you are only allowed one Pap smear a year, so you need to analyze your policy clearly.


o Call your insurance company and ask if you need a referral from your primary care doctor to see a gynecologist. If you don’t need referrals, ask about in-network and out-of-network benefits and coverage you can get.

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