Choosing the best Lasik eye surgeon

Once the decision is made to have Lasik eye surgery, the next and most important step is deciding who your LASIK SURGEON will be. This is not something to be taken lightly, as there are many doctors who have opened stores that do not possess the range of experience or knowledge to be considered well qualified in laser eye surgery. The reason for this is that government certifications are often very broad. Once a doctor has been certified, they are free to practice medicine. This means that general practitioners can not only open a practice but also perform plastic surgery and Lasik, which is not a bad thing if additional training is completed.

LASIK is capable of correcting myopia

Let’s not forget that, as a rule, doctors are very aware of their limitations and talents. However, some may not be as responsible and see “easy money”, they may be willing to carry out operations for which they are not fully qualified.


Another problem is the cost factor. You and I are responsible for the desire to obtain the lowest possible price. The reason for this is that laser or Lasik eye surgery is considered elective and is not covered by insurance companies. This sometimes creates a situation where cost is the only basis for decision rather than quality of care. Please understand that I am not suggesting that price is not a consideration, just that it is often the ONLY consideration. We received the advertising for $ 299.00 per eye or $ 500 per eye and we believe we are getting a “good deal”. However, the answer is that it may be a good deal or possibly a disaster waiting to happen.

Remember that it is not good to pay too much, but it is not good to pay too little. Medical offices and healthcare facilities have to cover the overhead. Like anything else, if you want high-quality care, it will cost you more than average care. The low price often brings an assembly line attitude. More work or surgical procedures need to be done on a given day to cover business expenses. This means the possibility of lower quality care due to the speed with which things must happen for the lowest price. This is not always the case, but keep in mind that a good offer is one in which you get good value and service for the price. Although a low price should not automatically be viewed as lower quality care, caution is recommended.

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