3 types of barcode scanner devices

Barcode scanner technology has been around since the 1990s. There are many industries that have considered its use for your requirements unavoidable with good reason.

Imagine having to transport a complete computer to check inventory quantities. At best, it would be cumbersome. In the worst case, it could be a potential hazard. Using a barcode scanner as a resource point gives you the ability to move more freely without slowing down progress. As such, this is why many companies like yours put handheld barcode scanners on their “must have” list of requirements to “buy computer accessories.”


While the technology for barcode reader devices is always expanding and improving, the three that we will discuss in this article include:

1. USB

2. Wireless

3. Bluetooth

*** USB barcode scanner ***

These devices are often found at checkpoints and library counters, as they include a cable and loop directly at the computer station being used. USB technology offers more flexibility for the user to reach locations that would otherwise be difficult to qr code reader.


*** Wireless Barcode Scanner ***

This scanner is easily defined by its name. There is no reason to carry a connecting device to feed the information, as it is integrated into the technology. Removing cables and devices makes it much easier to get the job done quickly without the hassle. Wireless scanners typically come with a base that you can plug in to charge when not in use.


*** Bluetooth barcode scanner ***

One of the newer technologies on the market is Bluetooth barcode scanner devices. They look and work just like normal wireless scanners. The difference is in how the information is transmitted. Bluetooth technology uses proprietary radio communication technology that other devices have not integrated.


There is no doubt that technology continues to advance even in the world of barcode scanner products. As such, when your resource point requires the need to purchase computer accessories that include this type of technology, take the time to discover what’s the latest on the market so you can make the best decisions for your technology needs.

Wikipedia has some great content on scan qr code technology that would complement this article. Information sites like Buy Computer Accessories also do a great job of helping people find the quality products they need for their hardware and software requirements.

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